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Summer 2016

Ahh, Summer! I look forward to the many outdoor shows over the next few months solo & with the band...everywhere from PA, NJ, MD, DE, VA, & NC!  Some highlights will be Concerts Under the Stars with June Rich,  the Lilith Fair Tribute Show at Bryn Mawr's Twilight Concerts, Sourland Music Festival, Freeman Stage at Bayside, Clay Creek State Park, Whites Road Park, The Highlands Inn, MUSIKFEST, Merwood Park with Jill Sobule, wineries, beach gigs, & a whole lot more! Please check the Tour Page for the full list of shows! I will be trying out new songs on you as well as fan favorites!




 Now available at shows! Limited Edition Daffodil T-Shirts "For the night's cold, the wind blows strong, daffodil death song oh but not for long"!


No matter “who” you are or “where” you are from, I truly enjoy meeting you & hearing how you came across my music, what a certain song means to you, how you’ve bounced back from something difficult, how you have shared my music with others, how you make time to come & hear me live! It is like we keep growing over the years as I see familiar faces…& how we set off on a new journey with all of the new faces! Thank you for connecting with my music & me!

Speaking of music…lots of new ideas musically & lyrically are flowing once again...You will start hearing new songs like "Sunless Escapade", "Right in Front of Me", "Said it Once", "In-between", "Happy", "Reception"... & maybe a few new cover songs!

I look ahead to 2016 with hope for being a year with new fans, new music, new discoveries, new opportunities, experiences & continual growth on my part as a musician, writer, producer, business woman, friend, partner, family member, listener, gypsy, mentor...Thanks to all of the current venues, booking agents, festivals & fellow musicians I work with~ you are also so appreciated!


Thanks for everything & see you soon!



 "Christine Havrilla & Gypsy Fuzz" is all- in- one now, in case you might have missed that! Still me, still my music, former & newer, all being performed by this wonderful band of Gretchen Schultz on vocals & percussion, Rob Schnell on drums, percussion, & vocals, Dan Kauffman on guitars/bass, Keith Giosa on keys, bass, vocals...


Every little "click" counts, so please find us, like us, comment on twitter@rillamusic and facebook @Christinehavrilla.





Christine Havrilla

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