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Whats New, SPRING 2018

Spring Dreamin'...

I sit here & am so grateful to be able to do something I love, something that can help people with sad hearts, rough times, love, anger, loss, emptiness, bliss, etc...Music is an amazing power that can reach down into peoples' souls....& I get to share moments at shows with fans, friends, family to connect just like that.  Thank you, thank you, thank you..........

 As we head into Spring, I look forward to all of the wonderful shows I have lined up with some amazing venues/booking agents/club owners/musicians & _______...!  The blank______is to be filled in by all of YOU, the super-supportive fans who are hands-down THE FREAKIN' BEST!!! Some exciting new music will be in the works as well as a big surprise for later in 2018...Already I feel blessed with a full calendar  & touring to new towns & cities as well as some of the die-hard ones that keep me rolling!!!

Just around the corner is the big "SIRENS OF SPRING 6" Tour! This tour, which features Christine Havrilla & Gypsy Fuzz AND Mama's Black Sheep,  will run from April 18th until May 19th. We kick off at Jammin Java in VA on 4/18, hit WTJU, Steel City Coffee in PA on 4/20, head up to CT for 4/21 & 22. Then out to OHIO 4/27-29, have plans for St. Loius, head to NC 5/3, VA Beach 5/5, Milton Theatre 5/6, plans for MD, & then to Godfrey Daniels in PA 5/11, Dublin Roasters 5/12, Rams Head Annapolis 5/18, Tin Pan 5/19...Updates will be added, but this is just to start you off!  Thanks for spreading the word & for all of your support on this tour!

Speaking of music…lots of new ideas musically & lyrically are flowing once again...You will start hearing new songs like "Sunless Escapade", "Long Way Home", "Good Lies", "Right in Front of Me", "Said it Once", "See Things Your Way", "Happy", "Reception"... & some older songs like "Wire", "Old House", "Price of Love"...

I look forward to continuous growth this year & connecting with current fans, new fans, new music, new discoveries, new opportunities, experiences & continual growth on my part as a musician, writer, producer, business woman, friend, partner, family member, listener, gypsy, mentor...Thanks to all of the current venues, booking agents, festivals & fellow musicians I work with~ you are also so appreciated!

Thanks for everything & see you soon!


  "Christine Havrilla & Gypsy Fuzz" is all- in- one now, in case you might have missed that! Still me, still my music, former & newer, all being performed by this wonderful band of Gretchen Schultz on vocals & percussion; Becca Doughty and Rich Bellando on drums/percussion; Dan Kauffman on guitars/bass vocal; Keith Giosa on keys/bass & vocals; Wizzy at merch table; Judy and Dirk as guitar tech help +sound...


Every little "click" counts, so please find us, like us, comment on twitter@rillamusic and facebook@Christinehavrilla.











Christine Havrilla

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